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Please complete the form to the right if you would like to invest your time in your future and learn how to use Windows7 and other useful tools that are necessary to live in the age of technology of today! These Classes are the ones for you!

These Classes are held on Saturdays or Thursdays and will be from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at a cost of $100.00, and they will include a Video Learning CD, A Certificate, Two months of Webinars FREE of charge! You can pay by credit card or I can send you a PayPal invoice! This price will only be for the month of May! Also included in this Special offer are Classes that I teach to keep you sharp and up to date with training through the Internet, by way of Webinars! All you need is a computer, set of speakers, and the Internet Connection where you are! At your house, office, or even a hotel. I will send you a link to my Server to log onto on Tuesdays from 7:30PM to 8:30PM and you will be able to sit back and enjoy the class from your own computer when you logon at the designated time, but you must Register here!

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