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We must not forget the World Trade Towers!
I have been teaching Computer Classes and Microsoft Applications, such as Excel and Word, for over 16 years and have a passion for teaching! I also developed Video Learning CDs that teach you the Lessons that you will be taught when you complete my training Sessions, by either attending my Classroom Classes or my Webinars!

To see how the Video Learning CDs Lessons are recorded, click on this link
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Classes that we teach on Saturdays! Computer Class training is no longer an option, it is a necessity! I do not know a business today that can operate without using Word or Excel!

Word is the most widely used document editing program.
If you decide to attend my All Day Class you will not only learn the Basics, but you will be performing tasks that the avid user does not even know how to do!

Call Carl at 337.477.4400 and speak to him about your needs in regard to your job, or the job that you are seeking. He can teach you in the Classroom, in your office, in your home, or online through his Webinars. All you need is a computer, set of speakers, and an Internet connection. You will receive an email on the day before the Webinars. You simply click on the link and just watch me teach!