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We must not forget the World Trade Towers!
You can order these CDs online by clicking here! You will automatically be signed up for the Webinars that I teach online on Tuesday Nights that you will be able to view from the convenience of your home, hotel, school, or even at a coffee shop! If you invest in the CDs these Webinars are FREE for two months! If you would like to invest in your future and purchase some of my Video Learning CDs click below:
Video Learning CDs
Since 2002 I have given away hundreds of my Video Learning CDs after teaching hundreds of Classes. I have had an overwhelming request to sell the CDs to individuals that are not able to attend my Classes throughout the US.

Please consider these Video Learning CDs and incorporate them into you studies to better you odds of finding a job or keeping the job that you have at present!

If you would like to view a couple of the files that are included on the Video Learning CDs, please do so by clicking on the links below in red!

Excel Video File that teaches you how to Cut, Copy, Move and Paste!

that teaches you how to View Slides!

that teaches you how to format Bullets!

Windows7 that teaches you how to setup Icons on the Desktop!